High Velocity Air Conditioning

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Service Express is known for our expertise in high velocity air conditioning. We are the most trusted source for information and expertise for these systems throughout Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs. For about 50 years, Service Express has been selling, maintaining, repairing and installing just about any type of heating and cooling system in every type of space you can imagine. We can help you decide on the best high velocity system for your needs and give you a fair and honest rundown of high velocity air conditioning costs.

What is High Velocity Air Conditioning?

High Velocity Air Conditioning is popular for “what it doesn’t have!” Conventional or low velocity systems rely on ugly ductwork to circulate cooler air, while high velocity heating and air conditioning uses small, flexible tubing. High velocity systems don’t need that ugly ductwork. Critics say it’s more expensive than low velocity “duct” systems. We disagree. In older homes especially, the expense of putting in a series of ducts – not to mention the labor involved, is enormous. The flexible tubing for high velocity systems for air conditioning can be run inside walls, below floors and in other tight spaces.

If you have a new home or older Chicago residence with radiant heat, high velocity air conditioning and heating is a perfect choice to complement those other systems.


Why Service Express Customers Love High Velocity Air Conditioning

Where high velocity air conditioners really shine is in their “speed” and the ability to evenly distribute cool air. As the name might tell you, high velocity systems cool faster and they use a lower air flow to do it. They are simply more efficient. In addition, high velocity air conditioners remove more humidity than low velocity systems; up to 30% more!

When you come home to a space that has been sweltering in the heat all day, do you really want to wait for the cool down? Cool air is circulated to upstairs kids’ bedrooms, just as efficiently as to a basement den. When the high velocity air conditioner is quietly at work, everyone is happy!

Service Express Sells Only the Best High Velocity Air Conditioners

Service Express sells two brands of high velocity air conditioning systems: The Unico System and SpacePak. Service Express is a family business and we are lifelong residents of Chicago. We would not sell you a high velocity air conditioner that we would not have in our own homes. The two systems we carry are the best you can buy, the most reliable to maintain and the most efficient in cooling and removing humidity. Please don’t hesitate to ask your Service Express Home Comfort Consultant for more details on high velocity air conditioning and costs.

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